Autism, Accessibility, and Difficulty Settings

I am autistic. It’s my own filter for the world. It taints my interactions. Everything that I do is a part of being autistic. Even the way I play video games is impacted by being autistic. Something I don’t think many people realize is that many video game settings also function as accessibility settings for those of us who need them.

One good example is difficulty settings. I enjoy playing video games on a wide variety of difficulties. But sometimes I like playing on the easier difficulties for my first playthrough so I can learn the controls of the game and enjoy the story. I then raise the difficulty for future playthroughs if I’m seeking achievements.

I find it frustrating when games penalize you for lower difficulty settings. I also dislike when video games use demeaning terms for lower difficulty levels. There’s nothing wrong with needing to play a game at a simpler setting if that’s how you enjoy it. Everyone deserves to play games in the way they find most accessible and in the way that is most enjoyable for them.

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